Prisoners in Scotland are given 660 games consoles in a £100,000 cost dubbed an ‘insult to victims’

Prisoners in Scotland are given 660 games consoles in a £100,000 cost dubbed an ‘insult to victims’ Inmates of Scottish jails have been bought games consoles, data request reveals More than 660 consoles have been bought for criminals for more than £100,000 Prison bosses say cash is ‘directly’ from prisoners – via taxpayer-funded ‘wages’   Tory community … Read more

Sony Planning to Get Into Mobile Games With New Acquisition

PlayStation maker Sony today announced that it intends to begin producing mobile games designed for iPhone and Android devices through the acquisition of Savage Game Studios. Savage Game Studios founders have worked for companies that include Rovio, Zynga, and Wargaming, and Sony says they have “many years of experience making some of the most popular … Read more

PlayStation Rewards Big Spenders With Better Customer Support

Photo: CFOTO/Future Publishing (Getty Images) PlayStation Stars, a free-to-join rewards program Sony announced in July, is being gently rolled out to the whole world—it’s currently live in Asia, will reach the Americas on October 5, and Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will receive the service on October 13. Not as gently, PlayStation might be pushing … Read more

I’m In Love With This Book About Sony’s Original PlayStation

Limited Run Games is a business that has found its niche. In our modern digital world, in which many games get download-only releases, the company’s limited edition boxed copies provide a way for fans to enjoy the tactile, tangible pleasure of having a game they love in physical form. Sometimes, Limited Run gives beloved classic … Read more

Metal: Hellsinger Review: A Genre-Twisting Spectacle

From start to finish, Metal: Hellsinger is wholly unlike anything else I’ve ever played. Its inspirations are evident, sure – you’d be hard-pressed to overlook the DOOM-dashing FPS style Metal: Hellsinger employs, and rhythm games are hardly new themselves, but the way those elements are combined here makes for quite the sight. Replayability will perhaps … Read more

PlayStation Plus Reveals Free Games for October 2022

PlayStation has officially announced the new batch of free monthly video games set to be available in October 2022. All PlayStation Plus subscribers across the various tiers (PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium) will be able to grab Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2, and Superhot starting on October 4th. As is … Read more

From Presage to Nightmares, the Cycle of Narrative Evolution > News

The process of creating a video game that players can connect with is complicated. Like really complicated. You’ve got audio syncs, a thousand different story ideas, environment management, online connection support, localization, activities, sandbox balancing, and—well, you get the idea. There’s a lot that goes into what makes a game memorable, more than just the … Read more

Rahul Kohli Wants to Star in The Wolf Among Us Adaptation

Rahul Kohli has shared his interest in playing Bigby Wolf in an adaptation of The Wolf Among Us. After a fan shared a side-by-side comparison of the actor and Bigby on Twitter, the Midnight Mass star stated that the character is on his wishlist, and he was a big fan of The Wolf Among Us. … Read more

Modern Warfare 2 SBMM “Horrific”

Call of Duty is back with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode currently in beta which means that a related topic is back in discussion as well: skill-based matchmaking. Often abbreviated as SBMM and complained about just as often, the matchmaking system that’s employed by numerous competitive games attempts to group players together … Read more

PlayStation Exclusives Are Better Off Being On PC And The Sales Prove It

PlayStation has an enviable roster of exclusives, so it’s natural that those without a PlayStation are going to want in on the action. In the past couple of years, that’s a fact that Sony has picked up on, as we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of PlayStation PC ports available on Steam. Marvel’s … Read more