Scientists show how to reverse the aging process

The study had gone on to say, that Skeletal muscle is a highly regenerative organ that comprises about 45% of the total body mass and enable skeletal movements as well as regulate metabolism.

The act of regeneration, repair, or new growth in the body, is done in the muscle tissue by the proliferation of myofibers. Myogenic progenitors, or the basic starters of muscle growth, when activated, proliferate, differentiate and contribute to the regenerative growth of damaged myofibers.

The decline in myogenic progenitors, or those little starter forces in the myofibers, decrease in number and regenerative capacity over time. The study at the University of Buffalo has shown how a protein in myogenic progenitors, NANOG, is overexpressed, or excited, the process increases the number and regenerative properties of the myogenic progenitors. A process of rejuvenation of the entire process.

One of the challenges is that the NANOG did not proliferate indefinitely, when the cumulative cell numbers plateaued after about 20 or 25 days of overexpression. This drawback is not the end of the research to find a way to reverse aging, but instead a reason to continue on in discovery of further ways to defeat the aging process.

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