Pikmin 4: release date, trailers, news, gameplay, and more

When compared to Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and even Metroid, the Pikmin series was never a runaway success, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from developing new installments. And we’re glad, because the Pikmin series is full of wit, charm, and originality. During the September 2022 Direct, Nintendo finally unveiled the next entry, aptly titled Pikmin 4.

This announcement comes nearly a decade after the previous entry, and although we don’t know much about it, we’re excited it’s happening.

Here’s what you need to know about Pikmin 4.

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Release date

Bulborg along fence with clock on wall in Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 is due out sometime in 2023. Nintendo didn’t give us an exact date, but given how busy the first quarter of 2023 is, we’d expect this game to launch in the summer or later.


Pikmin and Bulborb in Pikmin 4.

Pikmin is a first-party Nintendo franchise, so don’t expect to play the new installment on PlayStation, Xbox, or any other platforms. For now, Pikmin 4 is planned for Nintendo Switch, but it might also come to whatever the company’s next console is, as well — similar to the way Pikmin 3 launched on Wii U and then later came to Nintendo Switch.


The Pikmin 4 reveal trailer was brief and didn’t give us much information outside of a general look at its art and some environments. But we do know that its colorful visuals will return this time around, just like its predecessors.


Several Pikmin on grass, posing for promo material for Pikmin 3.

Pikmin’s gameplay mixes real-time strategy and puzzle elements, often with a time-based mechanic that requires you to gather resources before the sun goes down. There’s often a large stage to explore, with plenty of deadly creatures to battle, along with collectibles and fruit to consume. In it, you control one of the space travelers who can command the Pikmin around the stage. The game’s stages are often varied, taking place on different planets throughout the galaxy.

Each Pikmin has different functionality, like the Rock Pikmin, which can be thrown at walls or structures to break them with ease. You use these Pikmin to traverse the levels, which eventually lead to a boss battle. There isn’t anything quite like Pikmin, as it effectively blends strategy, time management, and smart puzzle aspects that give it an original identity.

We don’t know much about Pikmin 4, but Nintendo did confirm you’ll have the ability to play from the Pikmin’s perspective, which is a first for the series. Other Pikmin games feature a three-quarter isometric view, allowing you to see plenty on-screen at once. It’s unclear if this new perspective will be its own mode or if you’ll be able to toggle it, so we’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo has planned.


Pikmin 4 isn’t available to pre-order just yet, but Nintendo will likely allow customers to buy early when it gets closer to release, likely in 2023. We’ll update this post when pre-orders go live (we’ve got our fingers crossed for a fancy new special edition, too).

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