If you don’t go, you must see why Taipei is an interactive mall

The good times seem to stop rolling in Pokemon Go, as tickets for the mobile games Taipei Safari Zone are now on sale, and they’re a must-buy for those who happen to be in the area, because you can see like-minded people in real life, but catch lots of loveable monks.

During the Pokemon Go safari area (Turki-based) event, you can expect to be met with Pikachu, Seel (read my Pokemon guide to understand why no one wants to do this), Doduo, Chikorita, Marill, Tangela, Lotad, Scyther, Clauncher and more. Who knows, even if you’re lucky, you will get a shiny one.

You get two advantages, including 50% less toddo to trades, shorter, and more exclusive event, including field research, long-lasting lure modules and incense, an exclusive paper plane souvenir, and an increased chance your buddy’s may find various goodies.

When is Pokemon Go Safari Zone in Taipei?

Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Taipei takes place from the 21. to the 23.

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