God Of War Ragnarok File Size Doubles Last Entry’s

First relayed by PlayStationSize on Twitter, it’s being claimed that the file size for the upcoming God of War Ragnarok could exceed 90 GBs. PlayStationSize specializes in scouring download pages, and they spotted a file size of 90.6 GB for Ragnarok on the PlayStation 4. Now, this information isn’t guaranteed, as there are many caveats that could result in significant changes to the game’s size once it’s released.

Firstly, 90.6 GB is the potential size without any day-one updates or patches, which are an industry standard these days. Secondly, given that the game is cross-platform for PS4 and PS5, the game’s size can vary between consoles. It’s said that with the SSDs of current-gen consoles (as opposed to the physical hard drives of the previous generation), games can often end up being smaller. This is because the transfer speeds of SSDs allow for data to travel more quickly. Therefore, fewer bulks of data are needed in terms of quantity. However, this isn’t always the case.


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PushSquare aptly brought up the fact that Horizon Forbidden West was roughly 99 GB on PS5, while only being 91 GB on PS4. Finally, as stated by PlayStationSize, file size can vary by region, which also happened with Forbidden West. So, no specific number is confirmed, but the file size ending up even close to 90 GB is worth noting. It’s quite big compared to many non-open-world games, and it will take nearly a fourth of a PS4 player’s hard drive granted they don’t have any external storage.

Furthermore, it would be double the file size of 2018’s God of War, which landed at about 45 GB. The meaning of this can only be speculated, as it’s impossible to know for sure what is causing such a big jump. It could possibly be a case of poorly optimized data management, such as unused remnants of the previous game.

Fans, however, are shooting for the stars, and hoping this means God of War Ragnarok will have double the content of the original in terms of length, scale and variety.

God of War Ragnarok will release on November 9, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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