Cast Members From 1996’s ‘Resident Evil’ Cutscenes Play the Game for the First Time [Watch]

They’re back. After director/producer Andrew Saullo managed to track down and sit down with three of the cast members from the Resident Evil cutscenes, Saullo promised more videos involving the trio in the future. And one of those videos was just released, showing the actors playing the original game for the first time.

Three of the live-action cast, Charlie KraslavskyGreg Smith and Eric Pirius (who played Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker, respectively) finally managed to play the 1996 version of Resident Evil this past June, chatting it up and reacting to iconic moments.

The video plays out very much like the prior video, with the trio acting like old high school buddies. In case you didn’t realize it before, Kraslavsky states that it’s him as the S.T.A.R.S. member who briefly gets chased on the game’s title screen. The moment that we’ve obviously been waiting for happens right after, with the actors commenting on the opening cinematic that made them famous. Saullo also has the group watch and react to the uncut version of the cinematic (that wasn’t on the Director’s Cut version, incidentally), with Pirius recalling that there was “a lot of blood” in shooting this sequence.

From there, the rest of the video has the cast playing their way (with jump cuts) through Resident Evil, jump scares and all. While the trio clearly aren’t gamers, it’s still a lot of fun watching them (eventually) make their way through the game.

Saullo has two other videos featuring the three actors that will be released in the near future. It’s all a bonus result from the production of Saullo’s The Keeper, which is an adaptation of The Keeper’s Diary, referring to the file found within Resident Evil that was written by the Umbrella researcher responsible for the Arklay Laboratory’s animals being prepped for experimentation. Kraslavsky is playing the character of The Keeper in the film, which is expected to have a Kickstarter launched in the near future.

Big thanks to Residence of Evil for hosting the videos, and for helping to spread the word about The Keeper.

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