Boruto Reveals Naruto Has Upgraded an Iconic Power

The latest Boruto manga chapter reveals Naruto has upgraded an iconic power, which grants him godly abilities in an entirely new and useful way.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 64

On the pages of the manga following the adventures of the popular ninja’s son, Boruto, Naruto has upgraded one of his iconic powers. Since the death of Kuruma, Naruto has lost a portion of himself that gave him an extra boost of insane power. Learning to cope with that loss, Naruto has been strengthening his other techniques in order to reach a level of power comparable to what was previously possible to him. With that training, Naruto has upgraded one technique that gives him a leg up against any villain he may face. 


In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 64 by Masashi Kishimoto, Boruto is fighting the villainous and all powerful Code, and Naruto is trying to find out where that fight is taking place so he can give his son some much needed backup. In order to track Boruto’s chakra, Naruto taps into Sage Mode which allows him to find Boruto and rush to his side. While Naruto may not be strong enough to take on Code without the added strength of Kurama, he may have a chance to defeat the villain by using the same technique he used to find him in the first place. 

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Sage Mode is a technique that allows the ninja using it to tap into the energy of the world around them which multiplies their already existing power. Naruto upgraded this power-multiplying move by using it not as a means to attack, but as a way to locate a specific person even when he cannot see them. Naruto used Sage Mode to find Boruto as he was able to sift through the world’s energies and locate his son’s specific chakra. While this is an impressive upgrade to a power Naruto previously held, he will soon have to use it in battle as he once did if he wants to stand a chance fighting against Code.

The function Sage Mode is primarily used for is to enhance one’s energy level and give them more power. Naruto will have to increase his power when fighting Code, but even the most power he could derive from the technique won’t even come close to the power he was once able to achieve. With the added strength of Nine-Tails while harnessing Sage Mode, Naruto was able to achieve a godly power level, taking the vast energy from Kurama and multiplying it with the energy of the Earth, making Naruto nearly invincible. Now that Kurama is dead, Naruto no longer has that added power source, so Sage Mode alone will have to be enough. 

The upgrade to Sage Mode Naruto achieved was not one for battle, but for battle planning and tactics. Naruto can sense the chakras of people even if they are outside of his line of vision, a feat that is massively impressive and incredibly useful. In the latest chapter, Naruto used the upgrade to find his son and the deadly villain he was facing. Given Code’s teleportation techniques, this tracking ability Naruto has discovered will give the heroes an edge over the villain if they are unable to stop him in their next battle. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations reveals Naruto has upgraded his iconic Sage Mode power, an upgrade that could mean the heroes’ victory over the villainous Code.

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