10 Best Companion Apps And Websites For Pokémon Go

On November 18th, the Pokémon franchise is ready to release its next two games: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Fans are incredibly excited to see what new Pokémon the Paldea region will have to offer them, and they’re more than ready to call them all.

Of course, while fans wait for the games, there other ways to catch every last Pokémon before Scarlet and Violet are released. Pokémon Go is one game that offers the best opportunities. While it can be hard to catch everyone in Pokémon Go, there are some companion websites and apps that make the game easy.


Pokémon HOME

For players who have more Pokémon than they know what to do with, Pokémon Home offers a place to do a one-way transfer to a cloud-based system that can house all of their extra Pokémon. An official Nintendo product, the app lets fans move Pokémon between different games at will.

Using the app to transfer a Pokémon Go, Pokémon Home also grants fans access to a mystery box, which will spawn a Meltan for fans to battle. So the use of Pokémon Home offers practical advantages as well as better organization of extra captured Pokémon.

Poke Genie

While beginners may not fully understand the strategies of Pokémon Go, Poke Genie is an app that makes it easy. With an overlay on the Pokémon Go screen, Poke Genie helps showcase statistics about each Pokémon to show fans which of their Pokémon are the strongest.

The app also allows fans to favorite Pokémon, compare them to others, and even see their effectiveness against specific trainers. If a player ever fails to understand the complex strategy of the game, Poke Genie is the perfect app to get them up to speed in a simple and easy way.

Pokétch Shiny Hunt

It’s easy to sum up Pokémon Go as a game where players capture random Pokémon and face off against others in the process. Of course, that explanation leaves out that some Pokémon aren’t random captures at all. After all, many players do their best to hunt down specific shiny Pokémon.

With a timer to help fans track how long it took them to acquire their shiny companion, ShinyHunt gives fans the opportunity to log every detail about their shinies to ensure they’re not desperately searching for a Pokémon they already have. A clean UI for the database was also a nice addition.


While it isn’t always easy to figure out which Pokémon are the cutest, the smartest, and which are the best to demolish gyms, DataDex is a digital Pokédex. The app tracks every detail that a trainer could possibly need to know about the world or their own Pokémon.

With detail on every Pokémon from every major Pokémon release, the database is incredibly thorough and may as well be an official record. The app also supports multiple languages, which can be a great tool for international trainers or those who struggle with English.

Pokémon Go Hub

A news site dedicated to keeping fans up-to-date on everything they could possibly need to know about Pokémon Go, Pokémon Go Hub publishes regular articles about raids, tiers, and even guides for the game. Given how many fans have been dedicated to perfecting the site, it’s incredibly thorough.

Whether a player is a Pokémon beginner or a skilled trainer with countless Pokémon, the Hub is an incredible guide. After all, with tier lists covering everything from rare candies to trades, it explains things that no one person could understand on their own, and it’s all in one easily accessible place.

The Silph Road

A website that offers strong community support for fans and trainers, the Silph Road offers everything a trainer could possibly need. From shiny spawn rates to raid boss information to a list of task that each player will need to complete, it gives fans a full overview of the game.

The site also offers news about the game, so it’s a true one-stop shop for everything Pokémon Go. It also has a forum that can help players meet other like-minded fans, which has certainly helped to foster a community of players. Given that it’s a collaborative game, that’s a true help.

Poke Radar

Pokémon Go is a collaborative game, and finding out where others locate Pokémon is a great way to ensure that other trainers can find the same drops. That’s why the Poke Radar app exists. Players can use it to isolate locations where strong Pokémon have been found.

When looking for the rarest Pokémon in the game, a radar app isn’t just useful — it’s essential. Players can take advantage of Poke Radar to ensure that they won’t have to continue prowling endlessly. Instead, they can find Pokémon free of charge and with considerably less effort.


A forum that encourages Pokémon Go fans to reach out to their fellow fans with any questions or concerns they might have, GamePress is an excellent resource for any trainer who doesn’t know absolutely everything about the game, which, in reality, is every fan.

​​But GamePress doesn’t just rely on fan-generated content. With tier lists, speculation about future seasons of the game, and calculators to help fans figure out if they’re ready to take on a raid, the site is the perfect place to go for anything fans can need. Though its layout is somewhat confusing, once fans have a handle on it, the site is easy to manage.


A thorough resource for any data a fan could use, PokeBattler offers tutorials, information about PvP encounters, and statistics about Team Rocket attacks, which is always useful. The site also has fun features, like the feature that allows players to see the type of Pokémon other players have.

All in all, PokeBattler isn’t exactly as one-note as the name implies, which makes it a great tool for any trainer. It also offers a translation feature, which is extremely helpful for international users. All in all, it’s hard to find a Pokémon Go site or app that’s a better companion than PokeBattler.

Pokemon Go Live

There’s nothing better than a Community Day in Pokémon Go. After all, like-minded fans have the opportunity to meet, capture an incredibly strong Pokémon, and make new friends along the way. It’s a show of appreciation for the fanbase, and nothing makes it easier than Pokémon Go Live.

​​​​​​The site keeps track of every Community Day location, making it easier to find other fans. The site also offers a leaderboard, a list of events, and up-to-date news about the game. As an official site, everything is also ensured to be accurate and prompt, which is always good. After all, no one wants to arrive at the wrong location on a Community Day.

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